Caribbean American Center of New York (CACNY).

Brooklyn, New York, October 17th:  Caribbean American Center of New York, Inc. (CACNY) is partnering with a reputable Haitian Organization – known as the Kindest Hearts Foundation, from which 9 members will be leaving for Haiti at the end of October, organized and lead by Founder & President Dr. Patricia Nicholas. CACNY will work with Volunteer Partners, Ms Marie Delus and Mr Carpenter Laborde, who have a wealth of experience dealing with Haiti from the 2010 Earthquake.

The Foundation’s operational base is a Health Clinic & School in Haiti where 75 families are camping out in the Southern region that is heavily impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

The link for our GoFundMe page is:

CACNY is a 501 (c) 3, multi-service non-profit Organization that provides needed services FREE to New Yorker’s throughout the five boroughs and in the Caribbean region – particularly when natural disasters strike as well as in locations where poverty is widespread.  CACNY was founded in 1987 and will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in January 2017.The Organization have a bare bones paid staff at this time and very little overhead expenses, therefore, we have committed 100% donations (after GoFundMe fees) to our Caribbean Center Haiti Relief fund.

We at CACNY have already packaged thousands of new clothes and are continuing  to pack hundreds of new items ear-marked for new born babies to 10 year old children, adults and teens including new sneakers and shoes, and scores of new bedding, including sheets and blankets.

The Organization set up a GoFundMe page to raise $50,000 to purchase certain items that we do not have like: water purification tablets,school supplies, personal hygiene products, medical supplies, water filtration system, small household  items and other urgently needed products.

CACNY was founded in 1987 and will celebrate its 30th Anniversary of providing FREE multi-services in January 2017.