Our Mission

To provide basic multi-services – including economic,educational, trade and skills training, social and other humanitarian programs formulated for today’s youth.


CACNY provides free multi-services to under served immigrants, minorities and other groups in New York State, with a specific focus on minority youth. According to the US Census, this sub-group number of Caribbean immigrants alone is over almost (2) million – more than 40% of New York City’s total immigrant population. Young people under 18 years make up more than 35%, over 50% are minority youth and most are of Caribbean Heritage.



  • Deliver multi-services to disadvantaged Caribbean American’s and other minorities in NYC,  with a strong focus on youth.
  • Provide opportunities to minority students for college admission and retention.
  • Offer youth opportunities to realize their full potential through positive life exploration.
  • Provide skills training for youth and adults to improve their chances for employment.
  • Assist homeless families with humanitarian services.

Services and Activities

  • Regents Preparation & SAT Tutoring
  • Workforce Skills Preparation
  • Job Training and Internships
  • College Financial Aid Forums & Projects
  • Back to School & Summer Youth Programs
  • Disaster Relief Efforts – Local and International
  • Educators & Students Recognition Awards
  • Role Models of Distinction Scholarship Benefit Event
  • International Community Assistance and Service Program
  • Holiday Events for Low Income Families and Children in Temporary Housing (Homeless Shelters)